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Why You Should Mentor at Ladies Learning Code

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Last weekend I mentored at Ladies Learning Code - an awesome collaborative environment where, you guessed it, ladies learn to code.

There’s a few reasons why LLC is amazing. Not only for learners, but mentors alike.

You only learn by teaching

I forget the feeling of learning to code for the first time. I also forget the importance of having someone explain things well when learning something new. Teaching makes you simplify problems and tests your most primitive knowledge. You have only learned something when you can effectively teach it to someone else. Try it.

Collaboration is key

Learning in an environment where team collaboration is encourage is incredible. A great learning experience is when students are teaching other students (see last point). Like most things in life, it’s much easier to work as a team to solve problems. It’s incredible what can come out of a group of individuals who are eager to learn and have a smile on their face.

You meet awesome people

You never know who you are going to meet. LLC brings out some amazing individuals - all with the right moral compass. I met my last business partner at LLC. We sold our business together. Everyone is doing cool things whether it be working on startups, school or jobs in a totally different sector. Take some time to listen and you will hopefully build some long lasting relationships.

Ladies are smarter than guys

There - I said it, and for one reason - women don’t have egos when learning technical stuff. They don’t think their questions are “stupid” because in reality - they are not. They question the right things and they don’t believe in “computer magic”. When they get things right, they don’t stop there - they want to understand why they were right. The technology field has largely been driven by men. However, women think differently than men and the shift of women in technology is beneficial to everyone.

Helping feels good

People help people. I have been helped. You have been helped. So, it’s time to give back. It’s fun and it feels good. Talking to a constant LLC contributor, Emma Nemtin about mentoring she says “Volunteering helps you more often than not and it inspires you to keep learning.” I couldn’t agree more.

For more information Ladies Learning Code click here or follow them on twitter with the hashtag #ladieslearningcode

LLC in action.