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A Raw Description of Challenging the Status Quo

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I wrote this note to a friend the other day. I didn’t think much of it until he claimed to have re-read it 20 times. It was something that came out of me so easily and with such conviction, I knew it was meaningful. My friend just quit his job to pursue his dreams. I have such respect for that that I wanted to share a few things with him that I’ve been learning along the way.

“hey man. good on ya. it takes guts to quit something that may be comfortable, but it starts from believing in yourself. i took comfort in knowing i had surrounded myself with great people (family/friends), to help ensure i wouldn’t become a screwup. you can say the same. it’s an emotional adventure that one really can’t find anywhere else. you take a leap of faith and sometimes you feel like you should pray (religion aside). days are good and bad, but it’s important not to judge based on small increments of time. self reflect on months, not weeks - and always, believe in yourself. keep your integrity and remember what it is that makes you feel satisfied. my values have changed and my eagerness for success has multiplied. “treat people like you want to be treated” has never meant so much to me. going for it has defined who i want to be - and i’m happy to have had the opportunity.
a bit of a ramble - but i wish you the best. i’ll be rooting for you. happy to chat anytime. let’s catch up soon.”

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing great people betting on themselves. Do good and believe in yourself.